Adventures in Christmas Decorating with Fresh from the Garden Evergreens

I have been one busy little bee this holiday season. The past few weekends have been loaded with Christmas decorating activities. I normally never start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I have just been so busy this year that I had to start early. I started making my own fresh evergreen decorations using evergreen clippings from my own garden a few years ago & while it’s always worth it, it’s still a lot of work. So, this year I got a head start & constructed most of my fresh arrangements last month. Keep on reading to see what I’ve been up to.

homemade Christmas wreath
Everything is better with a tartan bow.
diy Christmas wreaths
Yes, I do try to make the wreaths as identical as I can.

Christmas wreaths were the first fresh holiday decorations that I have ever made. I saw Laura from Garden Answer make a wreath using evergreens from her garden & holiday me has never been the same ever since. She just made wreath-making look so easy. Turns out, it is really easy to make your own wreaths (check out my wreath-making tutorial)! I made four wreaths this year using evergreens, berried branches & dried celosia flowers from my own plants. I also jazzed them up a bit with Christmas ornaments, tartan bows & Christmas lights (solar & battery operated). The great thing about making your own wreaths is that it costs practically nothing. All you need to buy is a wreath form & floral wire, as long as you already have the evergreens. The wreath forms are reusable too, so for the past few years all I’ve purchased is one floral wire a year. You can’t beat that!

homemade Christmas garland
What’s a fireplace without a garland?

Up next was Christmas garland-making. I ended up making it very late on Black Friday, which ended up being not so great of an idea. That day was jam-packed busy for me. I wanted to get all of my greenery finished so I could get to regular Christmas decorating the next day, but I started so late that I didn’t finish until well after midnight. I did get the garland done though, even if it did feel like it would never end. Garlands are a little bit more of a challenge than wreaths, at least for me (check out my Christmas garland tutorial). The base of a garland is typically twine & not a solid wreath form, therefore it always gets a little hairy scary lifting onto the mantle once it is finished. My garland did end up taking a scary tumble off said mantle & I had to pop in a few more evergreen bundles as a result, but it ended up looking exactly the way that I envisioned it would. I weaved a few leftover ribbons that I had into the garland & popped in pine cones & metal cardinals too. While I love the look of solid winter greens, I just can’t help adding pops of red. ‘Tis the season & all.

homemade Christmas porch pot
Porch pot #1.

My final winter greens project was & always is porch pots. Christmas porch pots are by far the easiest holiday decorations to make. They’re so easy that I save them for last as a reward for getting through all the rest of my greenery projects. I also have a Christmas porch pot tutorial for you to gander at, but really all you do is pop sticks into planter pots. I usually use evergreens, dried hydrangeas & branches from my trees (the bigger the better). This year, I was able to add in allium seedheads that I dried & spray painted red. I saw the same exact product at my local gardening center for $5 each last year & was inspired to make my own this year. I’m so happy that I did, because it’s those pops of red that helps pull the whole thing together. I added my usual assortment of Christmas ornaments, tartan bows & solar Christmas lights. Grand total: $0. I just reused all of the same decorations from last year & that makes me happy.

diy Christmas porch pot
Christmas porch pot #2.

That was it for my fresh Christmas décor. I also decorated the rest of the outside & inside of my house with items that I didn’t make myself, which is a feat in itself. I am not a fan of putting up the decorations, especially after making all of that greenery, but I love looking at them once they are up. It takes me quite a bit of time & effort to get everything to look just right, but I can’t imagine this season without all of my decorations. I still have to decorate a gingerbread house (you know it will be garden-themed), add in a few more ornaments to my tree & switch out subpar solar lights for new ones before I’m completely finished, but the bulk of it is over. I hope this inspired you to make your own Christmas greens! It’s easier than you think (just don’t wait to start it until 11:00 pm! Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Christmas Decorating with Fresh from the Garden Evergreens

  1. I’m going to steal your idea of twigs and fairy lights for the pot by the front door. I looked at it yesterday, trying to decided what to do to make it more festive but got side-tracked. I’ll be out with the loppers as soon as the rain stops! Thanks for sharing.

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