A Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide

Thanksgiving came & went, which means that Christmas is just around the bend. I figured it might be helpful to compile a list of presents that would bring joy to gardeners. Maybe you’re a gardener yourself, an aspiring one, or there’s a gardener in your life that you’re shopping for. Just like with every hobby, there are a bunch of gardening items that are just fluff & not very useful. Let’s cut through that stuff & get right to the gifts that gardeners love & more importantly, can use. Read on.

Budget Gardening Gift Ideas

Seeds, seeds & more seeds have become one of my gardening mottos this year. I have gone on & on about my 2020 seed growing adventures, but it really is the best budget-friendly way to garden. Why buy someone one plant when you can give them a whole bunch of seeds for a fraction of the cost? This would be a really great gift for someone who wants to fill up a large garden space, like someone who is new to gardening or someone who just moved into a new home & wants to make their garden their own. Look for seeds that grow easily, especially for the beginner gardener.

package of seeds
Seed packages are the best packages.

Small gardening tools like hand shovels, pruners & gardening drill bits are always a welcome sight to a gardener. These items can get pricey, but reasonably priced items are still out there. Look for quality pieces made with iron & wood. Stay away from the plastic, people. I have broken far too many plastic hand shovels just digging around normally to ever play that game ever again. Like I said in my tulip planting tutorial, a gardening drill bit completely changed my planting practices. This would make a great gift for any gardener, but especially one that might have a hard time digging or maybe just one that hates digging. *raises hand*

gardening drill picture
Every gardener needs a drill in their life.

Gardening gloves & other accessories like sunhats, gardening aprons & rainboots are gifts that gardeners always need. You can never have enough gloves or protective sunwear. A gardener is in their element when they are out in the elements, so anything that can help protect them from the weather is a good thing. Rainboots, in particular, are a gardener’s best friend. I practically live in my rainboots during gardening season since they are so easy to put on & take off. Plus, no need to worry about a muddy clean up when you can just hose them down. Find a sturdy pair of rubber boots & the gardener in your life will forever thank you.

Mid-Range Gardening Gift Ideas

Give the gift of a plant. Sure, it’s just one plant & not a whole bunch of seeds, but what gardener wouldn’t love getting a plant? I live in gardening zone 5b, so winter is coming, which means I am only thinking about houseplants at the moment. You lucky ducks in warmer areas or the Southern Hemisphere have a whole lot of plant options right now. But generally speaking, look for easy to care for plants that are hardy growers. Try not to buy a plant that is high maintenance, especially for beginner gardeners. You don’t want your gift to create a bunch of work for your gift getter. Decent sized plants will run you at least $30. Make sure to buy from a reputable plant company if buying online, since online plants can be hit or miss. Do your research!

poinsettia gift for christmas
My newest plant purchase is my annual Christmas poinsettia.

Nice planter pots are also a really great gift idea. Look for ceramic, stone, concrete or terracotta pots. Plastic pots are always a good budget-friendly option, but there’s just something so nice about a hefty planter pot. One can never have too many nice pots (or plants) either & a gardener can always make use of them. 

Gardening Gift Splurge Ideas

Sometimes it’s just go big or go home when it comes to gifts. Maybe it’s within your budget or maybe the gardener in your life just really deserves something special. Whatever the reason, there’s certainly a lot of pricey gardening products out there to spoil a gardener. While I don’t have a lot of experience in this arena, since I garden a budget, a girl can dream. Greenhouses, cold frames, topiaries & anything that can extend the garden season or pretty up a gardening space is on many a gardener’s wishlist. 

aerogarden harvest gift
The granddaddy gift of them all, a grow light system.

With that said, as far as gardening splurges go, I recommend a grow light system. I received an  AeroGarden Harvest for Christmas last year & it was one of the best presents ever. It was a super easy & fun way to garden, especially since I started it in the winter when everything outside was dormant. My AeroGarden went strong for about seven months before the plants petered out. I cleaned it out a couple of months ago & I plan on starting it up again with new plants next month. I 100% recommend getting the gardener in your life a grow light system. It’s guaranteed to be a gift that will be remembered.

Well, that’s all folks. Hopefully, you were able to get a few good gardening gift ideas for a special gardener in your life (or maybe yourself, I don’t judge). It truly is the thought that matters though, as cliche as that might sound. The fact that you have gone as far as looking up ideas specifically for gardeners shows how much you care. It’s always nice to know that someone went out of their way to get something special & really put a lot of thought into a gift. I hope you & yours have a wonderful holiday season!

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