Rose Review: Bewitched Rose

I have another rose to review for you today from my rose garden, the Bewitched Hybrid Tea Rose. I bought this rose 2 years ago from a local plant nursery. Yes, I did partially purchase this rose because of the name. I have so many fond childhood memories of watching reruns of Bewitched & I Dream of Jeannie. I will never pass anything up that reminds me of them. Never! Like most of the roses in my garden, it was grown by Weeks Roses, who I highly recommend. All of my roses from Weeks Roses are doing great and Bewitched is no exception.

The pink on this rose though.

Bewitched is the most beautiful pink rose that I have in my rose garden. It’s such a bright pink that it almost looks fluorescent in the right light. It is described as cotton candy pink, which I definitely agree with if said cotton candy is being illuminated from within. For real, this is a stunner color that truly shines among all the rest of my roses. The blooms are large and very fragrant. Bewitched has a very classicly sweet smell, which will certainly enchant you whenever you walk by it.

The Bewitched rose gets to be about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Mine has topped out at about 4 feet tall this year. It has shiny bright green foliage that provides the perfect background for the cotton candy pink on steroids flowers. Each flower contains about 25-30 large petals. The plant zones for this rose are listed as 5-10. It has done very well these past 2 years in my 5b zone garden, especially since the past 2 winters have been brutally cold. Every spring it has come back looking delicious. Bewitched was even the very first rose in my rose garden to bloom this year.

I’m gonna need a moment to take in this color. The beauty of it all.

Bewitched is a repeat bloomer and if given the right conditions and care it will offer you up its beautiful flowers all growing season long. Like all roses, make sure to give them a good feed of fertilizer on schedule for the most blooms you can get. The blooms last an average time in the vase. I do wish that they would last longer because I can’t get enough of that bright pink color if you can’t tell already. I just love a nice pop of pink.

You have bewitched my heart, Bewitched Rose.

Now to the grittiness part of this review: Bewitched rose diseases. I do have an issue with blackspot with this rose & frankly most of the roses in my garden. However, I have not had a problem with Japanese Beetles with this rose which was surprising considering they really love to feast on some of my other roses. I did record my battle to save my grapes from Japanese Beetles for posterity in an article a few months ago. I used neem oil on my grape plant and my affected roses a couple of weeks later when the beetles decided to make their’s a fancy feast. I highly recommend it if you have the same problem.

I say go out & buy the Bewitched Rose right now if you’re like me & you love bright pink roses, especially because a lot of plant nurseries are starting to heavily discount their roses this time of year. I actually bought this rose for $10 two years ago in an autumn sale. It’s one of the crown jewels in my rose garden with its eye-catching color show and sugary sweet strong fragrance. This rose has clearly bewitched me and it will bewitch you too. Honestly, how great is this name for this rose? Go out & get yourself one!

Infographic is my own, made on

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