Easy Plant Pouch Tutorial

Plant pouches are a great way to add vertical interest to your garden. You can hang them from hooks like hanging baskets or attach them to fence posts. Plant pouches can also be very budget-friendly if you choose the right plants. They’re easy to make & maintain too! Read on to find out how to create your own plant pouch for a fraction of the cost that your local garden center charges for a premade one.

I made this plant pouch in honor of my aunt Tess who passed unexpectedly last year.


  • Plant pouch (I found these pouches on Amazon for a great price)
  • Potting soil
  • Plants of your choice (flowers, herbs, strawberries, etc)
  • Starter fertilizer (I swear by this fertilizer. I use it whenever I plant anything including all my annuals, perennials, raised bed vegetable garden, bulbs, baskets, etc).


  1. Fill your plant pouch with potting soil & add starter fertilizer. Make sure not to tightly pack it with soil and to leave room for the root balls of your plants.
  2. Pull your plants out of their nursery pots and shake off any access soil off the roots.
  3. Plant your plants at the top opening of the pouch. Make sure to cover the root balls with soil and firmly press down the soil to avoid any air pockets in the plant pouch.
  4. You can also plant plants in the side pockets of the plant pouch, just make sure to remove any of the access soil from the root balls in order to make for an easier fit. Make sure that the root balls are firmly planted into the potting soil.
  5. Add in any extra potting soil as needed, but make sure to leave 2-3 inches of the top opening of the plant pouch free from soil in order to make watering easier.
  6. Hang your plant pouch in your desired location.
  7. Water your plant pouch & make sure all of your plants are firmly in place. Enjoy your awesome creation!
Infographic is my own, made on Canva.com.
Not the best picture, but this is how my plant pouch looked when I planted it. This is just one plant, Supertunia Vista Silverberry from Proven Winners.


  • Use vigorous growing plants like supertunia vista petunias or wave petunias. One of these plants can fill the entire container.
  • Fast-growing herbs like basil and oregano are other great budget-friendly options.
  • Mix it up! Plant lettuce, strawberries & edible flowers together for an edible strawberry salad pouch.
  • Water your plant pouch frequently & thoroughly, especially if it gets full sun. I water mine slowly once a day until water starts to drip from the bottom.
  • Make sure to fertilize your plant pouch with a water-soluble fertilizer once a week for the best results. 
  • Save your plant pouches & reuse the next year with new plants.
I also stopped by a local garden center & picked up an already made plant pouch on clearance this year. This is a great option if you need you need a lot of color right away, but it so much cheaper & more satisfying to plant your own.
Here is the plant pouch that I chose with Supertunia Royal Magenta from Proven Winners.
Royal Magenta today. It’s still looking good, but it hasn’t put on a lot of noticeable growth.
The pouch that started this all. I bought this Supertunia Vista Bubblegum plant pouch on clearance last year. Scroll down to see it’s impressive growth 2 months later.

Huzzah! Look at the vigor! I strongly recommend growing Supertunia Vista Bubblegum in your plant pouches. This was also just one plant.

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