How to Make a Cinder Block Garden

Are you looking to add vertical interest to your garden? A cinder block garden is a great, budget-friendly way to add structure to your landscaping. It’s very easy to make and it can be low maintenance too if you choose drought-tolerant plants. I built my cinder block garden last year and it’s one of the main focal points in my backyard. I did some research, studied pictures and watched video tutorials on YouTube. Read on for my version of cinder block garden tutorial.

What my cinder block garden looked like last year at planting time with a sneaky peak of my shadow. There are a mix of vincas and succulents. Picture is my own.
Here she is in her cinderblock garden prime a couple months later. The vincas overtook the succulents. Picture is my own.


  1. Cinder blocks
  2. Cardboard
  3. Potting Soil
  4. Plants
Your building blocks, if you choose to use them. Picture is my own.


  1. Decide how big you want your cinder block garden to be.
  2. Purchase your materials. I recommend these cinder blocks from Menards.
  3. Stack your cinder blocks.
  4. Cut out cardboard pieces and place at the bottom of each of the cinder block hollow centers that you plan to fill with soil and plants. The cardboard will help keep the soil from spilling out of the centers while allowing the water to filter through.
  5. Fill the cinder block centers with potting soil, leaving a one-inch gap at the top in order to make watering easier.
  6. Plant your plants, making sure to firmly pat down the soil around the plants’ root balls.
  7. Give your plants a deep initial watering to make sure that they are set in the cinder blocks. Add more soil if necessary.
  8. Water whenever the soil feels dry and fertilize accordingly.
  9. Enjoy!
Ya girl this year at planting time. I decided to skip the succulents and pop in some marigolds with the vincas. Picture is my own.
She’s popping right now. Picture is my own.


  • Choose drought-tolerant plants like succulents, herbs like rosemary and lavender & drought-friendly flowers like vincas and petunias.
  • Paint your cinder blocks in solid colors or prints to add a touch of whimsy to your garden.
  • Get your kids involved, this is a great creative activity!
  • Hook up your cinder blocks with drip irrigation for a hands-free watering experience.
I used this sedum last year. Picture is my own.
If you choose to make your own cinder block garden, please use vincas. These are the best drought tolerant flowers I’ve ever planted. Picture is my own.

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