Rose Review: Barbra Streisand Rose

Another day, another review for a rose that I absolutely adore. It’s the Barbra Streisand rose’s time to shine. Like most of my roses, I bought this one in an end-of-season clearance for $10 at my local garden center, The Growing Place. I made a beeline for it once I stepped into the rose section because of its showstopping color. With a rose garden that consists of a lot of pink, I needed (& still need) more purple roses in my life. After seeing the rose’s name, it sealed the deal for me & I happily gave it a new home. I have been thrilled with Babs ever since.

Barbra Streisand rose picture
You are magnificent, Barbra Streisand.

Did I buy the Barbra Streisand rose solely because of its name? Why, yes, I did. I am a sucker for a good name & I have always been a fan of Barbra Streisand. Little kid me was always so amazed at her big booming & powerful voice as I stared wide-eyed at the tv whenever a performance of her’s aired. I still stop whatever I’m doing whenever I hear her sing because her voice straight-up enchants me. This rose has a similar enchanting attraction. Its lavender color makes it stand out in a sea of pink, red, white & yellow roses. But the real pull here is Barbra Streisand rose’s fragrance. Out of all the of the roses that I have, it by far has the strongest & sweetest smell that I have ever encountered. Whenever it is in bloom, it makes my whole rose garden smell wonderful. Just like how the singer Barbra’s beautiful voice pulls you in, the rose’s sweet fragrance grabs & keeps your attention.

Barbra Streisand rose open picture
The sweet smell attracts everyone to the yard, including tiny insects.

I would one day like a rose garden that has a smattering of roses named after people that I admire peppered throughout. So far, I also have a Julia Child rose & a Pope John Paul II in my collection. I am on the lookout for the Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Mister Lincoln & Coretta Scott King roses whenever I make my way to a garden center. I also have several David Austin roses on my wishlist, many of which have famous namesakes. I think it’s fascinating how they choose what to name a rose & what similar characteristics the rose has to its namesake. It’s also a great garden conversation topic for visitors. I think this rose is a perfect representation of Barbra, who is an avid rose gardener herself.

Barbra Streisand hybrid tea rose picture
Hello, garden star.

The Barbra Streisand Hybrid Tea rose produces large flowers that transform from a tight bud to a full blooming flower in a matter of days. I have to keep an eye on it if I want to use it in floral arrangements in order to cut it at the right time to maximize cut flower longevity. If I cut it too late, then it will not live long in a vase. The plant is listed as having a height of 3-5 feet, but in my experience, this rose bush is on the small side. I have had this rose for two years now & it has hovered at under 3 feet tall & wide for me. This may be due to the light conditions that I have it planted in since it gets full morning & early afternoon sun, but dappled sun the rest of the day, so your results may vary.

Barbra Streisand rose image
Here she is in the spotlight & everything.

This is also known to be a disease-resistant rose, but I have had a lot of problems with black spot & this particular plant. I battle black spot on the majority of my roses every year, but Barbra seems to really struggle in particular. I have tried a few different black spot fighting methods, but neem oil has seemed to work the best so far. Japanese beetles are the other bane of my rose gardener existence, but thankfully, neem oil has done a great job of keeping them at bay. Little surprise here, but I think neem oil is something that every gardener should always have at hand, rose gardeners especially.

Barbra Streisand hybrid tea rose image
Now with an ombre.

If you are on the fence whether or not you should buy this rose, then jump right on the purchase side. If you are a huge Streisand fan, then buy this rose & give your girl the spot in your garden that she deserves. It’s gorgeous lavender color & attention-grabbing fragrance makes this a must-have for any gardener. Just like the superstar herself, the Barbra Streisand rose will shine brightly amongst all the other stars in your garden.

Barbra Streisand rose open image
Everything is better with ruffles.
Barbra Streisand rose review infographic
Infographic is my own, made on

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