Easter Cake Decorating Tutorial: Easter Garden Angel Food Cake

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Happy Easter! I have never met a holiday I didn’t want to make a themed dessert for & Easter is no exception. For the last 2 years, I have made a coconut cheesecake decorated with a bird’s nest made out of toasted coconut, peeps & mini Cadbury eggs. This year I decided to switch it up a bit & make an angel food cake, while still using my favorite edible Easter decorations. That plan hit a bit of a snag because the store was out of Easter candy. So, I had to adjust & make my own Easter decorations from marshmallows. I also decided to make a custard to go along with the cake since the thought of throwing out 10 egg yolks (my angel food cake called for 10 egg whites) just doesn’t appeal to me. Let’s get decorating. Read on to find out how to decorate a cake for Easter.

Easter angel food cake picture
I can’t handle the whimsy of this cake.


  • Angel food cake (I used this recipe from Preppy Kitchen).
  • Custard (I used this recipe).
  • 1 cup of toasted coconut flakes + 1 tablespoon of regular coconut flakes
  • Marshmallows 
  • Buttercream frosting (I halved this recipe & colored it green).
  • Sugar
  • Food coloring (I used this green, this blue & this yellow from AmeriColors, & I used the pink & purple from this kit from Wilton).
  • Frosting tips (I used grass tip from Wilton).
  • Frosting bag


  1. Make sure the cake is completely cooled & place on a plate or cake decorating stand. Fill the middle with custard.
  2. Make a nest on the top of the cake using coconut flakes. 
  3. Separate your sugar into bowls, depending on how many different colors of sugar you want. Drop food coloring into the sugar & mix to create colored sugar.
  4. Cut marshmallows diagonally to create bunny ears, cut in half to create bunny bums & cut into small pieces to create eggs. Roll the small pieces between the palms of your hand until they resemble an egg shape. Make bunny tails by rolling together small pieces of marshmallow & coconut flakes together. Place the tails on the bums.
  5. Dip the sticky part of the ears in the pink sugar. Continue dipping/rolling your eggs in the various colored sugar bowls you have.
  6. Insert a grass tip into a frosting bag & fill with green frosting. Using short squeezes, pipe out grass all around the cake. 
  7. Place a few eggs in the nest & decorate the rest of the cake with bunny ears, bunny bums & eggs.
  8. Enjoy!


  • I recommend this frosting tip set in every cake decorating article of mine & I’ll recommend it here too. Think of this as the perfect cake decorating toolkit. It’s a must-have for every baker.
  • I always make a cake on one day & decorate it the next day. It makes for a much less stressful experience.
  • I found that mixing the sugar & food coloring with my fingers was the easiest method.
angel food cake picture
Angel food cake, ready to be decorated.
custard with angel food cake picture
Filled with custard, so the egg whites & yolks can live in harmony once again.
marshmallow bunny pieces picture
Bunny bits.

This was only the second time that I have ever made angel food cake. I made it once when I was a kid, but for whatever reason, I never made it again. Then I found an angel food cake pan on super clearance at the semi-annual Wilton Outlet sale a few months ago for $2! I immediately knew that I had to save its maiden voyage for Easter. Is there a more perfect Easter dessert than an angel food cake? I think not. But me being me, I couldn’t go the traditional route & leave it plain. Naturally, I wanted to garden theme it up for all of you fine folk, so voilà, Easter garden angel food cake.

colored sugar picture
Colored sugar wishing & waiting for their marshmallow eggs.
pink sugar picture
Pink sugar ready to rock.
marshmallow bunny ears picture
& bunny eared.
marshmallow bunny pieces with colored sugar picture
All dressed & ready to go.

This cake was super easy to put together. I usually make layered cakes with thick buttercream frosting & a lot of frosting decorations (check out my St. Patrick’s Day cake & Valentine’s Day cake), so it was nice to go a little light on the frosting for this cake. Less is more, even when I’m a pretty big MORE person when it comes to cake decorating. But I couldn’t give up frosting completely, which is why I made buttercream grass. Also, because buttercream grass is amazing! This cake was so fun to decorate, you have to try it yourself!

toasted coconut nest picture
Toasted coconut nest, for your viewing.
marshmallow eggs in a toasted coconut nest picture
Because every nest needs eggs.
Easter angel food cake picture
Aerial view.

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