How to Decorate a Cake for Valentine’s Day with Buttercream Flowers

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope your day is full of sweets & love! Let’s get this out of the way, making flowers with buttercream is easy. True story. It looks super fancy & difficult, but it’s really not. Like most endeavors, having the right tools gets you halfway there. The right tools in this case are a case, a case full of frosting tips. I talked about my love for my Wilton frosting tip set in my Christmas baking articles. I sang the set’s praises like no one’s business & I’m singing them again because I use it in every single baking adventure of mine that involves decorating. Now, you don’t need that frosting set to make buttercream flowers. You can just buy a couple of single frosting tips & be on your merry way, but boy does that set make your life easier. Without further ado, here’s my Valentine’s Day cake tutorial, featuring buttercream flowers.

red velvet cake with buttercream flowers picture
Buttercream flowers are life.


  • 2 Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cakes (I used this recipe from the Preppy Kitchen & this heart pan from Wilton)
  • Red Velvet Cake Crumbs
  • Cream Cheese Frosting 
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Food Coloring (I used this red & this green from AmeriColors, the pink & purple from this kit from Wilton)
  • Frosting Tips (I used this teardrop tip & leaf tip)
  • Frosting Bags (I used these bags from Wilton)
  • Parchment Paper cut into small 2 inch squares
  • Frosting Nail
  • Cake Stand (optional)
  • Offset Spatula (optional)


  1. Divide your frosting into different bowls, depending on how many colors you want to make. Add food coloring.
  2. Using cooled cakes, place 1 cake on a plate/cake stand & cover with frosting. Place the 2nd cake on top of the first & cover with a crumb coat of frosting using an offset spatula or butter knife. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the cake from the fridge & frost again, making it as smooth as possible.
  4. Carefully pat the Red Velvet Cake crumbs onto the sides of the cake trying to make it as even as possible.
  5. Start making your frosting flowers. Fill your frosting bag with frosting. Put a dab of frosting on your Frosting Nail & place a parchment square on top. Pipe out flowers. Place your flowers in the fridge after you are down piping them. Do this for every flower.
    1. Roses (teardrop tip): face the wider side of the tip down & pipe out a small nub on the nail. Using gentle pressure, starting from the nub, pipe out a small petal. Turn the nail & pipe out another petal slightly on top of the first. Continue to pipe out petals, making each level of petals slightly bigger than the last until the flower is as big as you want it.
    2. Ruffled flowers (teardrop tip): follow the steps for the roses, but instead of making straight petals across the frosting nail, use a sharp upwards motion to create small ruffled petals. Start a petal at the base of the nub & quickly pull up your hand while still applying gentle pressure, then pull it back down & release pressure to finish the petal. Repeat, making each level of petals slightly larger than the last.
  6. Remove your frosting flowers from the fridge & place on your cake. Fill in any open space with frosting leaves.
    1. Leaves (leaf tip): fill your frosting bag with green frosting. Pipe out leaves using gentle pressure & taper off the ends by using less pressure. The more pressure the bigger the leaves.
  7. Enjoy!

buttercream flowers image
All my buttercream flowers ready to be caked up.
crumb topped cake picture
Our canvas for today is a crumb topped cake.
purple buttercream flower
The first flower to board.


  • Make sure to only add a little frosting at a time to your frosting bags because your hand will heat up the frosting & making it runny. The warmer the frosting, the harder it is to work with & the fewer details will show.
  • If you want to make multi-colored flowers, spread one color of frosting on the sides of the frosting bag & add another color in the middle.
ruffled buttercream frosting flower picture
Ruffled buttercream flower in all it’s glory.
orange rose buttercream flower
Orange rose buttercream flower.
tri-color buttercream rose picture
A little tri-color buttercream rose for you today.
buttercream flowers image
Hello, pretties!
buttercream roses pictures
That orange & white one might be my favorite.
orange buttercream flowers image
Although, this ruffled one is a strong contender for my heart too.
buttercream flowers images
It’s like a field of flowers on a cake.
buttercream flowers cake picture
From the side.
buttercream frosting flowers cake image
One more angle, for good measure.

I usually bake something special for every holiday & Valentine’s Day is no exception. I also like trying to make something different every year, because I like to challenge myself (which is a blessing & curse). I saw this Valentine’s Day cake making the rounds on Instagram last year, but I already had planned on making heart-shaped shortbread cookies, so I shelved the idea for this year. I am so glad that I was finally able to make it. My goal was to make it look like a box of chocolates, but with flowers instead. An entirely edible box of chocolates, if you will. I am so happy with the final result. You should definitely give it a try because you need buttercream flowers in your life.

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