Beginner/Intermediate Gardeners: 3 Best Houseplant Tips

As a beginner to intermediate gardener, you know that sometimes houseplants can be tricky to get right. As a home gardener with a few years of gardening experience under my belt, who is taking a social media class from Northwestern University through, I found two articles that contain various tips that will ensure that your indoor garden will thrive just as much as your outdoor garden. posted an article about houseplants by Marie Iannotti titled, Top 8 Ways to Kill a Houseplant. The article recommends researching a houseplant’s ideal growing conditions & then trying to replicate said conditions to the best of your ability. The author goes on to list the top reasons why houseplants end up meeting their end, including but not limited to, overwatering, not enough light, exposure to heat, pests & the plants being pot bound.

houseplant tips infographic picture
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Better Homes & Gardens also posted an article about houseplants tips titled, Houseplant Care Guide by Denny Schrock. The author stresses the importance of houseplant maintenance, like repotting plants, removing dust & insects, pruning & deadheading. He also states that overwatering is one of the main reasons why houseplants die, so you should water houseplants on an as-needed basis, instead of on a set schedule. Fertilizing at the right time, in the spring & summer, is also mentioned.

Drawing on these two articles and my own experiences with my houseplants, I have listed three action items that you should take if you want happy & healthy houseplants of your own.

  • Don’t Overwater – Water your plants when they need it, not when your calendar says you should.
  • Check for Bugs – Make sure to inspect your houseplants for bugs regularly & stop the problem before they stop your plant.
  • Repot your Plants – Check the root system of your plant & repot in a bigger pot if the roots are starting to circle inside of the container.

Starting today, don’t overwater your plants, check for bugs & repot your plants when they are root-bound and your house will soon become an indoor jungle full of thriving houseplants.

Are you interested in houseplants, but don’t want to have to fuss with figuring out light exposure, water watching, etc? Check out my AeroGarden review, that grow light system takes all the guesswork out of gardening!

Hello, my name is Megan and I am an avid home gardener who loves to try out new plants as well as stay true to my tried and tested favorites. I created this blog to give gardening advice and provide inspiration to beginner to intermediate gardeners. I am taking a social media course from Northwestern University on Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

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