How to Make a Christmas Porch Pot for Free Using your Garden Cuttings

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You read that right, you can make a Christmas porch pot for free! As long as you have a planter pot, soil & cuttings from your garden this project will cost you zilch. Spend a few dollars & you can fancy up your porch pot with ornaments, Christmas lights & a bow, but those items aren’t necessary to make your own custom porch pot. Like every DIY project I post, this is incredibly easy & once you try it out you’ll continue to make your own porch pots year after year. Garden centers & big box stores sell these for $50 – $100 when they are largely made from scraps. So, why not use your own garden scraps & make your own? Ready? Let’s go, read on for my Christmas porch pot tutorial.

Christmas porch pot tutorial
I made this Christmas porch pot using evergreen clippings, dried hydrangeas & branches.


  • Garden cuttings (evergreens, branches, dried hydrangeas, berries, rosehips, pinecones, etc)
  • Planter pot
  • Soil (Normally you would need potting soil/specialty soil for all container gardening projects, but since all your plants have already been cut there is no need to offer them nutrients via soil. Therefore, soil from your garden is fine for this project.)
  • Christmas ornaments, mini lights, bows, etc. (optional)
  • Water


  1. Fill your planter pot with soil.
  2. Stick your branches into the center of your pot. Make sure that they are firmly in place.
  3. Position your dried hydrangeas firmly in a ring around your planted branches, making sure that they are one level down from said branches.
  4. Firmly place your evergreen cuttings in a ring around your hydrangeas.
  5. Fill in any empty spots with berries, rosehips, pinecones, etc.
  6. Water your porch pot to help keep the cuttings in place.
  7. Decorate with Christmas lights, ornaments & a bow.


  • You don’t need all the bells & whistles listed to do this project. All you really need is branches & evergreen cuttings.
  • Don’t have any evergreens? Buy a cheap fresh Christmas tree & cut it up. You can also visit big box stores/Christmas tree farms & ask if you can have their tree clippings. A lot of these places giveaway their cuttings for free.
  • There is no need to water your arrangement after your initial watering. All of the cuttings you used are essentially dead, so this is a no-maintenance container garden.
  • Use solar lights for a low-cost way to light up your pots. 
  • After Christmas is over you can remove any Christmas decorations from your porch pot & keep your container outside as a winter porch pot until you are ready for your spring plantings.
  • All of these same garden cuttings can be used to make fresh wreaths too, read my Christmas wreath tutorial. Don’t stop there, stay tuned for my Christmas garland tutorial.
porch pot with branches
Due to the weather, I had to make these pots indoors. Hello, blurry picture!
hydrangeas in porch pots
Next up were my hydrangeas.

Easy right? Hopefully, it didn’t cost you a dime either & if it did cost you a dime, remember to save what you bought (ornaments, lights, bows) & reuse them next year. That’s what I’ve been doing these last few years. All of my porch pots have been completely free after my initial decoration purchases. I just hit up my backyard & get to trimming in late November/early December, then pull out my Christmas decorations. 

christmas porch pots with bow
& we skipped ahead to the next day. The evergreens were added & the porch pots were decorated.
porch pot picture
I can’t leave out the other porch pot.
porch pot with branches, hydrangeas and evergreens
The right pot in full Christmas glory. I like long twisty branches.
easy christmas porch pot
The left porch pot, not to be outdone by the right one.
fake cardinal in a christmas porch pot
Mr. Shiny, one of the fake cardinals in residence, who got his name from me over spraying him with spray paint.

Christmas porch pots are basically just garden cuttings that you stick into a pot & pretty up with decorations. They don’t need sun, water or fertilizer. You can’t find any gardening project that’s easier. There is no gardening project easier than a Christmas porch pot. So, walk on by those expensive porch pots that are for sale right now & make your own. Have fun!

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