Beginner/Intermediate Gardeners: 3 Reasons Why You Need Drip Irrigation Right Now

As a beginner to intermediate gardener, you know that watering your garden can be time consuming and expensive. As a home gardener with a few years of gardening experience under my belt, who is taking a social media class from Northwestern University through, I found two articles that explain how to cut down on both time and money by watering your plants via drip irrigation.

The Columbian posted an article about the benefits of drip irrigation by Lee Reich, titled, Drip Irrigation System has Many Benefits. The article states that the use of drip irrigation can cut down water usage by 60%. He goes on to explain that this is because there is less water waste and evaporation as the water goes directly to the roots of the plants. Other listed benefits include less weed growth and less chance for disease since the leaves do not get wet from drip irrigation.

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Gardening Know How has also weighed in on the topic with their article, Benefits of Drip Irrigation, written by Mary H. Dyer. The article lists many benefits of drip irrigation, including healthier plants, less chance of soil erosion, a smaller water bill, time savings and simplicity of use. The author explains that a drip irrigation system can be set up with a timer, which makes for even less time spent on watering. She also states that drip irrigation directs 90% of the water right to the plants roots with very little evaporation. 

Drawing on these two articles and my own experiences with drip irrigation in my own garden, I have listed three reasons why you need to install drip irrigation right away.

  • Save Money – Save on your water bill by reducing your water usage up to 60%.
  • Save Time – Water your garden all at once with minimal effort. Install a timer for a complete hands off watering experience.
  • Grow Healthier Plants – Direct the water right to the roots and reduce the risk of plant disease by ensuring that the leaves don’t get wet.

Starting today, install drip irrigation to save money, spend less time watering and grow healthier plants.

Hello, my name is Megan and I am an avid home gardener who loves to try out new plants as well as stay true to my tried and tested favorites. I created this blog to give gardening advice and provide inspiration to beginner to intermediate gardeners. I am taking a social media course from Northwestern University on Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

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