Rose Review: Elina Hybrid Tea Rose

In honor of National Rose Month, I have decided to review the best performing rose in my rose garden, the Elina Hybrid Tea Rose. I purchased this rose from a local nursery a year and a half ago and it was grown by Weeks Roses. I have numerous roses from Weeks Roses and I am more than pleased with every purchase I have made. I highly recommend them.

Elina Rose up close. Picture is my own.

Elina has very large light yellow 6” blooms that sometimes appears white depending on how hot it gets outside. Each flower can contain 30-35 large petals. The bush can get anywhere from 5-6’ and it can get about as wide as it is tall. My Elina rose topped out at a little over 5’ tall and wide last year and it is well on its way this year to surpass that size this year. Make sure you have a lot of room to grow this beauty. It has glossy, deep green foliage that contrasts the light bloom color nicely. Elina has a slight and sweet fragrance that you can smell up close. The plant zones for this rose are listed at 6-9, however, Elina has done great in my 5b zone, so your results might vary.

The beauty that is the Elina Rose. Picture is my own.

Many descriptions of this rose have mentioned that Elina will give you armloads of roses throughout the growing season and I definitely agree with this assertion. This rose has far out-performed all the other roses in my garden. It’s to the point where I almost always have a near constant supply of light yellow roses on hand from mid-June to well past frost, making Elina also my longest growing rose. The blooms last a long time in the vase and provide for a very simple and elegant arrangement. You can’t go wrong with light yellow roses as far as home decor is concerned, they go well with everything!

Elina Rose after being in a vase for 5 days. Picture is my own.

I have also read that that Elina is relatively disease resistant, especially to blackspot, however, that has not been experience since my Elina did get blackspot last year. It wasn’t hit as hard as some of my other roses though. Japanese beetles were really loving on my Elina too last year, so be forewarned if these issues are in your area. Take the steps to prevent these problems before they happen so you don’t have to deal with the potential aftermath.

I consider the Elina rose to be a must-purchase if you are looking for a new rose to buy. If I were only able to have one rose, I would choose Elina. It has a classic and elegant look, produces prolific large blooms well past frost, the blooms last a long time in the vase and the large size of the plant makes for a nice focal point in your landscape.

Infographic is my own, made on

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