Welcome to my Gardening Blog

Hello, thanks for coming to my little corner of the internet. Welcome to my blog where beginner to intermediate gardeners can find useful advice, reviews, tutorials and inspiration for their gardening concerns. This is not my first rodeo as far as blogging is concerned, but this is my first gardening blog.

Rose - Rosie the Rivetor
Rosie the Riveter rose. Picture is my own.

My name is Megan and I have been gardening for a few years now. I am by no means an expert or master gardener, however, gardening is a hobby that I really enjoy and it brings a lot of fulfillment to my life. My first experiences with gardening were helping my dad tend to his garden. I remember planting marigolds next to his driveway with a tape measure to make sure they were all planted at the precise recommended distance. I also remember digging out trenches for green bean seeds and planting some of his 20+ a year tomato plants (my dad loves his tomato plants).

Tomato - Gladiator
Gladiator tomato. Picture is my own.

I didn’t start gardening on my own until my twenties. One year I decided to try one of those upside-down tomato planters on my deck, which produced meh results. Then two years ago I was inspired to plant a lilac bush after visiting a local lilac park with my mom. While I was at a local plant nursery, I also decided to buy some annual flowers for the border in front of my house’s walkway. A few days later, I bought a handful of tomato plants, peppers and a zucchini. I created a container garden with those plants on my deck and I was hooked from that moment on.

Lilac - Bloomerang
Bloomerang Lilac. Picture is my own.

Since then I have completely transformed my backyard into an amazing space by building a raised bed vegetable garden, created a rose garden from scratch, established an ever-growing herb garden and planted more containers than one person ever should. I am constantly reestablishing my garden beds and I am always on the hunt for new plants, especially when they are heavily discounted.

Flowers - Marigolds and Vincas
Vincas and Marigolds. Picture is my own.

I hope that I can use this space to help you with your own garden journeys. I also hope that you can help me with mine. Gardening can be such a wonderful collaborative effort with advice that gets passed down through generations and pictures on social media that make you want to run out and buy whatever beautiful plant pops up on your feed. It’s also an interest with a lot of trial and error and those types of interests are always better shared. So, let’s go on this adventure together.

Hello, my name is Megan and I am an avid home gardener who loves to try out new plants as well as stay true to my tried and tested favorites. I created this blog to give gardening advice and provide inspiration to beginner to intermediate gardeners. I am taking a social media course from Northwestern University on Coursera.com. Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

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